HR Answers for Recruiters

As an HR Recruiter, your time is getting more and more overtaken by repetitive tasks like sending the same email out over and over again. You need to have mundane tasks automated, so you can focus on the candidates, not the process.

Recruiters average 25 hours per week on the phone. Approximately 50% of the average HR recruiter's time is available to focus on hiring the right staff, according to national studies. This impacts your ability to recruit good talent – leaving you struggling to deliver qualified candidates to hiring managers. You’re also left with precious few hours each week to focus on what you need to compete: acquiring talent.

It’s time for software that saves you time.

Your recruiting goals that we have solutions for...

  • Attracting/Finding the right candidates
  • Pre-screening candidates
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Interview Guidance
  • In-process communications
  • Follow-up communications
  • Offer letters
  • New hire on-boarding

Our software solutions simplify the recruiting process. Spend less time on with manual tasks and more time acquiring talent. Get Free HR Tools today to perform your job better and faster.