HR Recruiters' jobs are getting harder and harder every day 

That's why we've compiled a list of useful HR answers and staffing resources for recruiters aimed at reducing the amount of time you spend doing manual tasks.

HR Answers for Recruiters

Manager's Interview Guide

A potential hire must not be the only one who has to get ready for an interview. The recruiter must do the same to ensure the right person is hired among all of the applicants. Recruiters sometimes are too focused on other issues of the day, too pressed for time or lack confidence in their interviewing abilities to pay attention to red flags candidates exhibit during the interview process.

Download the Interview Question Guide, so you it's handy to really explore the candidate's work experience.

Be prepared for each interview by reviewing their resume which will let you know if the person is qualified for the job but it will also help you tailor your interview to ask the right questions of the applicant. For example, do you want the candidate to be innovative and go beyond the job requirements? You need to have a clear idea of what you expect out of your potential employee in order to pick the right candidate. Also, you want to learn as much as you can from the applicant so their comfort will enable him/her to express themselves properly. Even though you should tailor to each interview based on the candidate, it is critical to follow a clear set of guidelines during the interview process to decrease confirmation bias, in which snap judgments are made when making hiring decisions. Despite the recruiter’s best intentions, their innate set of beliefs can affect the outcome of the interview.

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New Hire Candidate Tracking Spreadsheet

Easily track & rate candidates, so you remember who's who!

The Applicant Tracking Excel Spreadsheet Template is used to:

  • Keep a record of every applicant or candidate screened or interviewed for a position.
  • Record information and criteria used to evaluate candidates.
  • Apply a rating system to assess applicants or candidates by key competency so that outcomes are more objective and consistent.
  • Get better return on the investment of time made to screen and interview candidates. Track and share feedback about applicants who may be well-suited for other positions in your company.

5 Tips for Recruiting the Right Staff

Every recruiter wants to find and hire the best candidates possible but does every corporation know how to find the right staff? A key to achieving recruiting success is to hire quality employees that meet your company’s needs and culture. However, searching for and hiring the perfect candidate to fill a role in your company is not an easy task. The right candidate can make or break any company, department, or team, as they are the foundation upon which a company’s productivity and profitability lies.

  1. Do Your Research
  2. Interview Process and Preparation
  3. Company Environment and Culture
  4. Communication is Vital
  5. Recruiting Never Stops

Candidates that have a good looking resume do not always guarantee the right fit.  Conversely, a person who doesn’t shine during the interview might prove to be a better hire.  Recruiting candidates goes beyond technical skills or the perfect resume.  Other factors that must be considered for a successful hire include onboarding, which sets the new employee up for a smooth transition into their new workplace. Read more...

6 Proven Email Templates That Save Recruiters Tons of Time

Spend less time in Outlook contacting applicants and spend more time finding the right staff.

  1. Clipboard for Outlook saves you time so you can focus on your job of finding the right candidates and keeping them engaged.
  2. Your time-to-hire window has shortened internally, but expanded in reality. Get your time back and get results with Clipboard for Outlook.
  3. Recruiting is time consuming, don’t let email hold you back.

Clipboard for Outlook includes the following Human Resource Recruiter email templates:

  • Arrange Interview
  • Interview Follow Up
  • Offer to Candidate
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Reject Candidate
  • Seeking Candidate
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