Easily track & rate candidates, so you remember who's who!

Are you in the process of recruiting for an open job/position?

You can use this FREE Excel template to track status of applicants in an organized way. You can get an instant view of how many applicants are in the pipeline and where in the funnel applicants are dropping off. You can also easily view the top reasons why candidates were not selected.

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Why use it?

The Applicant Tracking Spreadsheet template is used to:

  • Keep a record of every applicant or candidate screened or interviewed for a position.
  • Record information and criteria used to evaluate candidates.
  • Apply a rating system to assess applicants or candidates by key competency so that outcomes are more objective and consistent.
  • Get better return on the investment of time made to screen and interview candidates. Track and share feedback about applicants who may be well-suited for other positions in your company.

Get Your Free Candidate Tracking Spreadsheet

What's the risk of not using it?

  • If managers don't have a way to record, track and pass on feedback about job applicants they've interviewed, the information and knowledge gained is lost. It could mean incurring unnecessary recruiting costs for another position.
  • Not being able to defend hiring decisions if they are challenged in court by an unselected candidate.
  • Losing track of what has been communicated to which applicants.
  • Having to rely on Hiring Managers' memory instead of being able to refer to a documented record. Especially important if the Hiring Manager leaves your company.